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Minecraft servers Features

Manage Your Game Server With Ease

Why chose Minecraft Hosting Pro ?

Since 2012, we have invested in hardware, research, and development. We have gained tremendous experience by keeping pace with continuous hardware innovations. This allows us to offer the most powerful game server hardware, ensuring that your Minecraft server runs without any lag. Do others claim the same? Yes, but with us, you fully understand what you're purchasing.

We are among the few companies that own our server hardware and assemble every part ourselves. In contrast, many companies simply resell ready-made servers from foreign public providers.

The distinction is significant. It gives us the freedom to choose the best hardware components and optimize our servers to achieve the peak performance that Minecraft requires.
We aren't dependent on a foreign provider to update their hardware, which means we avoid relying on low-performance, outdated servers.
By cutting our costs, not renting our servers or paying licensing fees for our control panel, we offer top-notch game server hardware at the best prices.

We invite you to launch your server with us and see the difference for yourself.

Our Features? Top Notch Performances, Lag Free Gaming

First, it's essential to understand that all Minecraft game servers operate through a Java process in a Linux system environment. This is done without a GUI to allocate maximum resources to Minecraft.

Every Java process requires a Processor, Memory, and Disk space on the hosting machine. The faster the device, the quicker your Minecraft server will run.

For instance, if you have 2GB of memory on an outdated processor, you'll experience subpar performance and low TPS compared to having the same memory on modern hardware.

Why is this the case? The AMD Ryzen 3900X processor we use boasts more cache, additional cores, and a higher frequency, enabling it to process data more swiftly. This translates to an improved in-game Minecraft TPS. Moreover, the use of DDR4 over DDR3 memory, along with NVMe disks that outpace SSDs by five times, further boosts overall system performance.

That's why we pride ourselves on being fully transparent about our server specifications.

We encourage you to experience the difference with our Free Server Plans. Naturally, a server with more cores will outperform a single-core server.

Power is Nothing Without Control

We've crafted a user-friendly control panel tailored specifically for Minecraft. Just like with our hardware, we believe in maintaining complete control. This autonomy allows us to introduce features without constraints imposed by third-party systems. That's why we've chosen not to use Multicraft.

Our journey required a deep understanding of the protocols behind Minecraft server hosting. And with time, we've amassed a wealth of knowledge since our inception in 2012.

We're diligently working on V2 of our control panel, set to launch in the upcoming months. This new version promises a host of innovative features, ensuring you stay connected. We're firm believers in intuitive design, empowering you to fine-tune your low-latency game server without getting entangled in the complexities of the underlying hardware.

If you ever find yourself uncertain or have questions, rest assured, our support team is always at the ready to assist you.

  • Monitor server status, including CPU and memory usage.
  • Web FTP: Manage server files effortlessly without needing an external FTP client.
  • Online File Manager: Access and edit your server settings directly.
  • One-click installation for various Minecraft versions and modpacks.
  • Manage player white-lists, operators, and bans.
  • Web console: Execute commands directly from your browser or mobile device.
  • Generate maps and seeds.
  • Recover quickly with backup features after a crash.
  • Review server logs and crash reports.
  • Monitor hardware status and hosting node load usage.

Instant Plan Upgrade anytime

If you're contemplating a Minecraft server hosting purchase and are unsure about which plan to select, we're here to guide you.

Your choice largely depends on your intended usage. For a casual game with friends on vanilla Minecraft, you'll need fewer resources. However, if you plan to introduce plugins or mod packs, your resource requirements will increase. The more plugins or mods you incorporate, the more memory and CPU cores will be essential.

Take note that some mod packs necessitate at least 4GB of memory to function optimally. If your selected plan doesn't offer sufficient memory, you might experience compromised server performance. Fortunately, you can easily track your memory and CPU usage via our control panel.

If you're still uncertain, consider starting with the Iron Plan, which offers 3GB of memory. As your server grows and demands more resources, you can effortlessly upgrade. And if you ever feel the need, you can switch to Premium hardware, featuring six cores, without any data loss. This transition is seamless and instantaneous, ensuring a consistent gaming experience.

Your server is up and running in 2 minutes

After you've chosen your server's subdomain name, duration, and starting version, your server will be set up instantly. You'll receive an email with your server IP address.

Free Portless Sub-Domain included

With your server, you can choose from a variety of memorable sub-domain names, such as *, *, *, *, and more. Additionally, you have the option to purchase your own domain name (like .com, .net, .org, or .pro) as long as it's available.

This not only makes your server address easy to recall but also eliminates the need for a port or a dedicated server IP for connection. Feel free to share your domain with friends and promote it on websites.

Entreprise level DDos Protection

All our machines, housed in Tier 3 Datacenters across North America and Europe, are fully protected from DDoS attacks. We meticulously select our hosting data centers, ensuring they employ enterprise-level threat mitigation systems like Arbor to thwart various types of attacks.

We continuously monitor all servers around the clock, ensuring a redundant network and multiple power sources for a 99.9% uptime. Additionally, we maintain spare components in every server cabinet for immediate replacement if necessary.

WebFTP: Access your files in 1 click

Upload and download mod or plugin files directly from your web browser, eliminating the need for an FTP client.

Edit server configuration files, manage plugins, and mods directly. Additionally, you can zip and unzip archives right from the interface.

Access and manage server logs with ease. In case of a crash, swiftly pinpoint its cause and rectify it.

Our WebFTP is mobile-friendly, enhancing your file management experience on the go.

Live console: launch commands on your server

Check your server activity in real time. The console allows you to interact directly with the server via specific commands to the version, plugins and mods installed.

Particularly suitable for advanced users who want to go further on server management.

The Live console is also accessible from your mobile.

7 000 000 servers started

Reliable Minecraft Servers Hosting

We have provided Minecraft Hostings since 2015, and over 7 000 000 servers have been started so far. You are over 60.000 to follow us on our Twitter.
We are fully confident in the server hardware we propose, but if you have any issues, you can contact us by ticket. Our Support Team will be able to assist with any questions you might have while configuring and using your server.

Have a good game, and thank you for your trust. heart